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Creating a Home vol 55

The spaces we’re creating inside and out of the homes that we are building. I’m showcase a bit of everything from floor to ceiling as well as exterior touches to really make each home unique and inviting. The craftsmanship and customer style make each space a new area to explore and take pointers from.

T&G on the walls give this entertainment space a cabin retreat.
This bar is beautifully crafted.
The T&G on the vaulted ceiling draw the eye upwards and make the porch cool and refreshing.
The dining area with a window into the kitchen add charm and convenience.
The screened-in porch is both spacious and lovely.
This custom green egg grill station is gorgeous.
This view shows the open window from the dining area into the kitchen, a lovely feature.
This deck is a spacious and a beautiful place to enjoy nature and the lake.
The railings and pickets are a lovely frame for the deck.
The kitchen has honey toned cabinetry and granite countertops are gorgeous.
The countertop has a gorgeous cream vein that runs through it.
The stainless steel appliances add a bright touch to the kitchen.
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