Rippling Cove-Keowee-11

The main level is being framed and we can see the white oak timbers being placed into the ceiling for support as well as ascetics. This shows just how high the ceiling will be in this lovely and spacious home. Next we’ll be installing the timbers for the vaulted ceilings before roofing begins.

The framing is going up for the main floor.
The view is going to be spectacular from this home.
A great picture of the timbers that will be part of the ceiling on the lower level of this home.
This jack makes it easy to support the weight of the white oak timbers as we put them into place.
The installation of timbers and the main floor framing all getting accomplished.

The crane in use helping to place the white oak timbers.

The framing beginning on the main level.

An inspection of the main floor and garage framing.


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