Rippling Cove-Keowee-9

We’re working on installing the white oak timbers. It’s really a beautiful home that we’re seeing being built and these white oak timbers really enhance the beauty of the design.


Trimming the white oak timbers prior to installing them.
Here you can see the guys using a crane ti help get the beams into place.
The guys installing a white oak beam with the assistance of a crane.

The white oak is so heavy and large that specialized equipment has to be implemented to place them.

Using fine tuning to settle the beam into place.
Floor trusses going in and more white oak beams being placed.
The sheer height of the ceilings is very impressive as you can see from the framing.
The basement is all framed, white oak beams are in place and the floor trusses for the main level are all prepped for framing of the next level of this home.

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