The house has footers poured now. We’re adding gravel for equipment. Digging for septic install to run the rough plumbing and to really start to see a home taking shape. The footers show us where support walls will be and the rough plumbing lake kitchens, laundry rooms and baths. Can you envision this house yet?

We’re evening out the gravel to give parking areas for the equipment being used onsite.
You can see the guys smoothing the concrete for the footers to ensure that it dries evenly and properly.
More stone that we dug up has been added to the walls being created with it for the property.
The footers show the footprint of the house along with the poured walls already in place.
More of the houses footprint being shown.
Installing the septic tank.

A walk around the property to see what it all looks like and identifying where everything is going.

The plumbing being connected to and from the septic tank.

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