Little Lightwood-Hartwell-19

The home has been painted inside and out. The protective plastic removed. The home is getting all the finishing touches before the owners get to move in.

The deck is just about ready to be stained.
We’ve begun to paint the exterior siding and cedar shake.
The interior walls and wainscoting have been painted.
The cedar shake on the screened-in porch has been painted.
The plastic has been removed that protected the T&G and the door while the cedar shake was painted.
The entire exterior has been painted and the trim as well.
All the interior walls have been painted and the protective plastic removed.
The dark edged windows look lovely trimmed out in white.


This home is getting stained beams and other wood work, painted on the interior and exterior as well as lighting being installed.

1-staining the beams
Gorgeous beams on all the vaulted ceiling angles.
2-staining the mantle
The mantle has a dark stain on it that looks fabulous.
The interior is getting painted.
4-barn door stained and hung
This barn door is stained and hung, it adds a rustic charm to the home.
5-ext paint
The exterior is being painted as well.
6-stained T&G
All the vaulted ceilings for the screened-in porch are stained as well as the beams.
A pendant light has been installed over the kitchen sink.
8-ceiling fan install
This eight bladed ceiling fan will really stir the air for the great room.

Rippling Cove-Keowee-19

The home is getting more stone installed on the exterior, the chimney, an exterior staircase and some floors. Exterior trim is also getting installed and painted. The home is becoming more fully detailed.

1-chimney stone
The chimney is getting the stone installed.
2-stone floor delivery
MOre stone getting delivered.
3-ext trim going up
Exterior trim is going up.
4-ext trim painted
The exterior trim getting painted.
5-ext stairs ready for stone
The exterior staircase is now ready for the stone.
6-stone floor
This shows a stone floor being installed.
7-more stone
This home has more stone getting installed on the exterior all around the windows.
8-ext trim install
After the stone is in place the exterior trim gets added to frame the windows and doors.


The master bath has received shiplap on the walls, a barn door has been hung, the cabinets have all their crown molding and all the granite is being installed. The house has gotten a glamorous addition with all the beautiful granite.

The vanity is protected while shiplap is installed on the wall behind it.
The barn door is hung and looks fantastic.
The kitchen cabinets are all trimmed and ready for the granite countertop.
The granite countertop being installed is a lovely mottled grey.
The deep copper farm-house sink is beautiful against the granite.
The master vanity with a creamy granite top.
The downstairs wet bar has a creamy granite countertop as well, it looks fabulous with te rustic wood cabinetry.
The laundry room has a granite top as well for a folding space and desk area.

Little Lightwood-Hartwell-18

The home is getting painted both on the exterior and the interior. The dark stain on the beams, floating shelves and stair treads. The ceiling a bright white and the exterior siding a khaki beige.

Painting the exterior trim.
Getting the interior doors painted before hanging them.
The floating shelving in the master bath are all darkly stained now.
The stair treads are stained and look gorgeous with the wainscoting.
The beams add a rustic charm to the home.
The outdoor shower is all ready for coming in from the lake.
The dark beams against the freshly painted white ceiling are beautiful.
All the windows get taped before painting begins on the walls.


The home is getting more stone details, wood trim, a barn door and tile installed.

1-stone wall behind sink
This vanity features a stone wall behind the sink with the faucet set to be mounted on the wall.
We’ve added a custom wainscoting wall.
3-barn style door
A barn door being built.
4-backsplash going up
The backsplash tile in the kitchen has a retro flare.
5-shower tile accent
The shower tile has an accent finished with a herringbone pattern.
6-grey paver tile
The grey brick tile is perfect for this space.
7-backsplash complete
The hood for the kitchen cabinetry is all in place.
8-priming the walls
The walls are primed and awaiting the final painting.

Rippling Cove-Keowee-18

Please forgive me, I mixed up two of our homes. Here is the Rippling Cove-Keowee-18. We’ve got sheet rock going up, doors being installed and more stone work going on. This home will be spectacular once we’ve gotten everything installed.

1-sheetrock hanging
Sheet rock going up and creating walls and a tray ceiling in this room.
2-protecting the beams in prep for painting
All the beams are wrapped to protect them from sheet rock dust and paint.
3-stone for the exterior
Stone being installed on the exterior for columns.
4-muding the seams
Applying tape and mud on the seams between the sheet rock to create a smooth finish once painted.
5-HVAC install
HVAC being run.
6-ext door install
Installing the doors.
7-stairs being built for deck
This is the frame for the exterior stone steps.
8-ext stone
Stone work ongoing for the exterior of the home.


The home is getting many touches to finish the look. Wood and stone on the exterior, T&G for the ceilings and tile in the master bath.

The exterior is getting the wood trim and stone work details that make this home a craftsman.
The deck railings are being installed and will get pickets next.
The rear os the home showing the deck in progress.
T&G ceilings are going in the hallway.
The great room is getting T&G on the vaulted ceiling.
The columns are getting topped with crown molding before they are painted.
The tile for the bathroom looks like petrified wood, lovely.
The barn door has been stained in a dark finish and hung in the master.

Little Lightwood-Hartwell-17

This home is getting the finishing custom touches the really define the house as a craftsman home. The wood for the trim, stairs and beams is getting a dark stain and the board & baton on the exterior is getting painted.

The stairs are stained and ready for pickets.
The loft is stained and ready for pickets.
The T&G accent wall is all stained.
The soffit is all installed around the exterior.
The board and baton has been painted on the exterior.
The board and baton has been painted on the exterior.
The beams are in the process of getting stained.
The beams are in the process of getting stained.


The home is getting granite countertops installed, wood trim details and the finishing stonework.

1-granite countertop
The granite countertops are being installed and this photo shows the farm-house sink as well.
2-kitchen cabinets and granite
The island is in a contrasting dark finish compared to the white surrounding cabinetry with a matching countertop.
3-stair railing
The wood railings and iron pickets for the interior staircase.
4-T&G with beams
Gorgeous T&G on the vaulted screened-in porch.
5-exterior left
The left side exterior elevation showing the siding and stone work.
6-fireplace all stone complete
The fireplace has all the stone completed and the mantle installed.
7-exterior sip
The interior of the screened-in porch showing all the cedar shake.
8-exterior crows feet
The crows feet have been installed and really give this home a craftsman charm.